Calendar & Events
  • Mon, October 12: Teacher Inservice
  • Wed, October 21: Advisory Council Meeting

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Our school has partnered with Charleston Wrap for our major fundraising campaign this year. There are over 500 high quality items to choose from and every purchase you make earns much needed money for our school.

How It Works

Simply click the link above or go to to shop. All items purchased will ship directly to you and there is free shipping on all orders over $75.

First, register your student and a six digit code will be automatically generated for your student to earn prizes during our fundraising campaign. Then click on the “SHOP NOW” button that will take you to the “Assign Credit & Shop” section.

If you wish to assign credit to your student, enter the six digit student code into the “Student Code” section.


Welcome to Sacred Heart School

Sacred Heart is a Catholic elementary school that serves children in grades Pre-K – 8 in North Mississippi. Founded in 1947, we offer students opportunities for spiritual growth and faith building in the tradition of the Catholic Church, while respectful of each child’s own faith tradition. Our program includes classroom instruction, service learning, prayer and worship experience.


With a dedicated faculty and a curriculum based on fundamental academic disciplines, Sacred Heart School teaches a love for learning and provides students with the tools necessary to realize their full intellectual potential.

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Faith Formation

SHS incorporates Christian values into every aspect of the curriculum. Love of God, respect for others, and the development of a healthy self-concept are essential components of the formation each student receives.

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Enrichment Opportunities

Sacred Heart School offers a variety of educational programs in addition to self- contained classroom instruction. These programs enrich each student’s learning experience and serve to advance the overall educational objectives of the school.

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